Ruby Lovett started singing early and she sings with authority, grit, and a genuine appreciation of what a “Hard Life” actually means. Beautifully produced, with perfect performances by every musician as well as Lovett’s fabulous vocals, this is about as real as it gets and will be welcomed by fans of Appalachian, bluegrass, and Americana as it will those of real rootsy country. Ruby Lovett says her music is ‘raw and unpolished.’ It is that, but at the same time this album is a spectacular return.
— Kelly Gregory, Country Music People Magazine
At a time when good country music has largely disappeared from top 40 radio, Ruby Lovett reminds us that it can still be found. Her new CD, ‘It’s a Hard Life’, is brimming over with the poetry of the heart. From the title cut written by Nanci Griffith, to ‘Catfish John’ by the great Alan Reynolds, to her own composition, ‘A Father’s Love’, this album shines. Not incidentally, Ruby is one of the great country singers of our time. I’ve never met her, but I think I’m in love.
— Frye Gaillard, award-winning journalist with over 20 published works on Southern history and culture, including 'Watermelon Wine' 
There are a lot of musicians and songs out there. People say they are always looking for originality and something different. Performers wrack their brains trying to stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps a good way to be noticed is just chose a known, familiar, standard genre-like, say, country music, and do it very well. Deliver good songs with feeling, skill and commitment.

That’s what Mississippi’s Ruby Lovett has done with her collection entitled It’s A Hard Life.

No surprises here, just real, down-to-earth country music. Ms. Lovett uses her God-given gift of a voice to deliver honest country songs really, really well. Songs such as Home Sweet Honky Tonk, where, ‘People perch on a row of bar stools/like birds on a ‘lectric wire/and they stare through the smoke at the mirror/into eyes that have no fire’

This 10-song collection of pure and heartfelt country music is a lovely gift to us all from Ms. Ruby Lovett.
— Les Siemieniuk, Penguin Eggs, Canadian Folk Magazine, Summer 2019
Ruby is one of the top five best country singers I’ve ever heard-right up there with Tammy and Loretta. There isn’t a false molecule in anything Ruby does-she is as deep as the country roots she hails from.
— Pat Alger, Hall of Fame songwriter ("The Thunder Rolls," "Unanswered Prayers")
‘It’s A Hard Life’ features a pure voice, from a real artist, singing great songs.
— Tony Arata, Hall of Fame songwriter ("The Dance")


curb album.PNG
For the people that say ‘country’ is what’s missing from today’s country music, find Ruby Lovett.
— Garth Brooks
One of the more reassuring developments in country….

Beautiful, unobtrusive - and very country….

Keep an eye on this woman.

Finally, it’s about time country music had a singer named Ruby.

Lovett’s voice is a refreshing slice of hillbilly heaven. Her phrasing is appealingly country in style and she delivers….
— Billboard
..across the board quality.

Impressive emotional range…

Like the character of her voice….Lovett’s strengths are rooted in real life…..something all too often laking in many of today’s country artists.
— Music Row
Lovett’s self-titled debut is a sold collection of real country songs.

Lovett is one of the greatest undiscovered country singer/songwriters recording in Nashville today.

Her entire album is full of superb traditional country songs and performances.
— Mike Capozzoli, BPI Newswire
Lovett’s debut showcases her powerful style.
— Country America
…a standout in the crowded field of Nashville newcomers.
— Country Weekly
Capable of surging……basically an emotional country singer.

The results suggest [Lovett] will soon be country music’s gain.
— People Magazine
In many ways Ruby Lovett is almost a throwback to artists/writers of earlier times like Loretta Lynn or Tammy Wynette. Her interpretation of material is traditional.

Lovett can tap into a deep well…

A respectable debut.
— American Songwriter Magazine
[Lovett’s] got one of those voices: unabashedly rural, with a razor-sharp glimmer of tradition…

It’s not that often that an album appears nowadays with minimal hype and nonsense like this one did. Sometimes those are the ones that mean something…

This [album] is certainly several cuts above, and if Lovett stays this course, and has the chance to be heard, she may be a keeper.
— Country Music Magazine
Lovett goes back to the very heart and soul of country…

Her forte is her ability to master the ballad.

Sure to make your eyes widen with appreciation for this talented new artist.

Fans of traditional country should be pleased.
— Music City News
This Mississippi country singer sounds like Allison Krauss’ slightly deeper voiced sister with a dash of Reba McEntire sass adding bite to her bluegrass-rooted purity.

This debut benefits further from songs, both her own and by other writers, that prize honest emotion over cliché.
— Los Angeles Times
....undeniable vocal delivery.
— R & R
…an expressive voice.

…a promising debut.
— Country Music People, London
Lovett’s debut album is simply stunning…

If you only buy one ‘country’ album this year…better make it this one!
— Country Music News, Canada
Lovett evokes memories of old-time country greats…

This lady has got one helluva voice, rich & evocative.

She infuses her songs with plenty of emotion…
— Country Standard Time